Blockbuster Canada To Close Remaining 253 Stores, YouTube Movies Comes To Canada

Toronto - Blockbuster Canada will be closing down its remaining stores by the end of the year.

Grant Thornton Ltd., the accounting firm that was selected in May to oversee the movie rental chain’s receivership proceedings, stated in a news release Wednesday that it is seeking an order on Sept. 6 from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice at a hearing to wind down the video store’s operations and shut down the remaining 253 stores.

youtube movies stores

The firm explained that they could not locate a suitable acquirer to make the necessary investments into Blockbuster Canada.

If the court approves the request, the closure process would begin in only a few days.  Therefore, the company would not be obligated to accept loyalty-rewards programs and/or gift cards.

We appreciate the ongoing support and wish to thank Blockbuster Canada Co.'s employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders during this difficult period,” said Granton staffer, Michael Creber.
Earlier this summer, approximately 150 Blockbuster Canada stores were closed.

One day after Blockbuster Canada’s grim news made the headlines, Google quietly announced on its blog that its popular online movie rental service, YouTube Movies, will be coming to Canada.

In the United States, YouTube Movies has been operating since May, but now Canadians can view both major Hollywood blockbusters and independent motion pictures online.  The new YouTube service has a catalogue of approximately 3,000 films.

Those who have a computer, a YouTube account and a credit card can rent older movies for $3.99 and new flicks for $4.99.  The rental period lasts between 24 and 48 hours, but it depends on how new the picture is.
“Many movie pages feature YouTube Movie Extras -- free behind-the-scenes videos, cast interviews, parodies, clips and remixes from YouTube’s unique community of content creators,” wrote Google in its blog.  “Over time we'll also be adding additional videos and features to YouTube Movie Extras so that you can get even more into movies on YouTube.”

Colonel Gaddafi Will Not Be Given Safe Haven In Algeria

Colonel Gaddafi will not be given a safe haven in Algeria if he attempts to join family members there who have been given leave to stay on humanitarian grounds. Algeria is well aware of the international condemnation and security problems it may encounter through allowing Gaddafi's wife and children to cross over the border. Unlike Gaddafi though, his family members in Algeria are not subject to arrest warrants from the ICC.

According to Press TV, Algerian foreign minister Mourad Medelci says that if Gaddafi does come knocking at the Algerian door he will not be granted entry.  "The hypothesis that Gaddafi could knock our door was never considered," said Medelci.

Meldelci also added that Algeria, which has so far refused to accept the legitimacy of the Libyan rebel National Transitional Council, may be willing to do so if a government is formed that represents all regions of Libya.

Algeria has particular worries regarding Islamists, and worked in co-operation with Gaddafi to suppress the terrorist threat, which is particularly strong in the border region of the two countries.

Reuters reports that an Algerian government source told them "We want to be certain that the new rulers in Libya are involved in the fight against al Qaeda in our region -- this is key for good relations."

Algerian lawyer Saad Djebbar considers that if Algeria did allow Gaddafi in, it would not be a popular move within the country, predicting "Maybe riots will take place. Maybe people will really use it as an excuse to protest." However, President Bouteflika's intent is not to allow Gaddafi sanctuary, but to abide by international regulations.

According to Xinhaunet, if Gaddafi does attempt to enter Algeria he will be handed over to the International Criminal Court.

Housewife In Dubai Accused Of Attempted Murder Of Housemaid

A Yemeni housewife is facing prosecution in a Dubai court for allegedly attempting to murder her 18-year-old Ethiopian maid by throwing her over a balcony.

Ironically, the young maid who survived the murderous attack was at first charged with jumping from a third floor balcony in an attempted suicide bid. Fortunately, the court decided that the housemaid, referred to as Z.A., did not attempt to commit suicide, the Gulf News reports.

The maid claims that her 27-year-old employer battered her face with a hammer, beat her with a rope and threw her over the balcony.  It has now been corroborated by evidence. Allegations of ongoing torture and withholding of salary are provided as further examples of the employer's abuse.
 According to Newsdire, the maid entered the courtroom in a wheelchair after sustaining injuries from the fall. She also suffered a speech impediment from the hammer attack. An Ethiopian man from the same village as Z.A. testified in court that Z.A's employer, "Deprived her of her salary for five months. She also claimed to me that her employer prevented her from travelling to Ethiopia to visit her mother who was on her deathbed."

There has been a spate of reports of housemaids apparently committing suicide or suffering serious injuries by jumping off Middle Eastern balconies for the last several years.

Human Writes Watch considers "that what drives these maids to suicide are their poor living conditions, abuse from employers, treatment as second-class-citizens, and isolation."

With such a preponderance of attempts to escape it is easy to conclude that the maids are jumping rather than considering they are being thrown.

The case against Z.A's employer continues.

Are The US And Israel Bluffing Iran With An Attack To Force Changes In Policy?

To imply that the Armed Forces of the United States of America has the manpower, ammunition, funding, and especially the stamina, in order to try and compete militarily with a well rested, well funded and heavily armed Iranian Armed Forces would be a major mistake. In order to extend their current combat missions into Iran, alongside Israel, the entire combined NATO forces, or even the entire Allied Command is nothing short of ludicrous. The Western Powers and their allies have been running wildly in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002, when they went to the Middle East to shock the awe out of them, topple Saddam Hussein and hunt the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

US And Iran

The Iranian Armed Forces, main combat units, contain an estimated 550,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen. The Revolutionary Guard, the elite branch of the Iranian Armed Forces, their version of our "Green Berets", have command of an estimated 3 million combat ready reservists out of a claimed enrolment of 12.5 Million members (2005 numbers). That is one heck of a large army to think that you can bully around with an over-extended, tired, near bankrupt, and physically depleted United States Armed Forces.

The United States of America and Israel will by no means try bluffing Iran with an attack to force them into accepting policy changes that are beneficial to all, save Iran. The US and Israel are more than aware that fighting a war against Iran and their renowned and well populated Revolutionary Guard would be no small affair. And to neglect or disregard the firepower branded by an oil-rich Iran, a Muslim controlled Nation in a time of anti-American popularity amongst the Muslim world, would be an insurmountable error.

Iran has always had more than enough money to simply buy their way into the Nuclear Family, and with Mother Russia seeing red in her ledgers, a fire sale of Russian nukes is not out of the question. But they assuredly will not play that card until they intend to use it, and would play it very close to the chest; no threats, just yell "Allah Akbar" and push the button. Allah Akbar! Goodbye Middle East, and all the oil that you represent! Iran, with nuclear weaponry, would be the equivalent of North Korea with major nuclear capabilities and a score to settle with South Korea. It would be very scary, my friends, very scary indeed. Time to find that rabbit hole again, Virginia.

With Nuclear fallout within the vicinity of some of the most populous Countries on the planet, Pakistan, India and China.

More Than 13000 Slaves Are Working In UK